Let’s start with the guys up first. In their first game against the Baker Street Buttonhookers the Englishmen were to much to handle. Both, the Cons offense and defense, were mostly a step behind the action. The Londoners took advantage of the many mistakes made by the Cons and could establish a two score lead with about ten minutes to go in the second half. Last hopes for the Cons were crushed when they kept scoring until their last drive. At the end the result was a 33:48 loss.


In their second game against the OPM Knights Love Mesto the Constables were fully motivated to get their first tournament win. But the game again started with some errors due to lack of concentration. Still, the Cons were able to pull themselves out and began to play their game - on offense and defense. They scored on successive drives and were able to come away with a couple of interceptions. The game got a bit tough later on as the Slovenian team tried to comeback and the referees did not perform very well. But the Constables got away with a 44:34 win.


To conclude the first group phase the Cons then tried to challenge the Sollerod Gold Diggers for a good game. The first play went in for a score. But this was the only lead the Constables would have in this game as the Danes stroke back immediately and showed a prolific performance. Even when they went only 80%, what was kind of obvious to see, they never were in real trouble, though the Cons did show some good plays here and there. Overall the SDG were too strong and won 47:31.


As third placed team of group A the Constables were drawn to play the Vienna Vipers, Walldorf Wanderers and Kelkheim Lizzards in the new group E. The first match was already played in the afternoon - against die Vipers. It developed to be a similar game as their last encounter back home in Austria. Both offenses didn’t really blink and put up touchdowns mostly without much effort. It came down to the last drive, when the Cons found themselves trailing seven points with about 45 seconds to go. They did march down the field, got the first down and scored after some more plays to make it a one point game. As there is no draw and overtime consists of XP-plays the Cons decided to go for a 2-Point-Conversion. Like last time, this attempt unfortunately failed and the third loss of the day was reality (47:48).


Tomorrow there will be the next games against the two German teams. The Wanderers won all their games, the Lizzards lost their games, but only with a few points each, as they were unlucky. The Cons will probably have to win out here to reach the Quarterfinals. Tough task, but possible.


The Ladies also started with a loss; against the Catania Pink Elephants. After a good game the Italians pulled off a 35:24 win, as they looked more focused in the decisive moments.

As the Men the Ladies stroke back in game 2. A solid performance on both sides of the ball they were too strong for the Hyde Park Renegades and howled in 34:19 win. A bit of a revenge for the Constables as the Renegades are kind of the women’s team of the Buttonhookers.

Then a longer break didn’t seem to be good for the Cons Ladies, who took on the Coventry Cougars for a second game against an English side. The offense was able to put up points, but the defense wasn’t able to get the Cougars under control. In the end the second loss of the day wasn’t to be averted (34:44).


As the women’s schedule is different, the Cons Ladies did know all along that they would play the DeLaSalle Saints Ladies tomorrow morning in any case. With a win they could have a chance to advance into the next round robin of the top three teams of the two women groups. So the next games are to be determinate.


Cons Men

Saturday 10:10am v Wanderers

Saturday 11:20am v Lizzards


Cons Ladies

Saturday 9:00am v Saints Ladies

Sportunion Wien

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