Champions Bowl IX - Men's Preview

After the general introduction let’s have look at the men’s schedule and especially the one of the Vienna Constables, who seek to win a medal, but with such strong opponents it will be a tough task to do so. Some teams are well known, some not so much - but just that is the challenge and charm of such tournaments. 

After the drop out of the Hague Hyenas (NED) Group B, which includes the Constables, still consists of six teams as they were substituted by the Pioners L'Hospitalet (ESP). The other five teams are the Herlev Rebels (DEN), Arona 65ers (ITA), Walldorf Wanderers (GER) and Craigavon Cowboys (IRE). Though little is known about the Rebels, it is fair to assume that they will be the team to beat in Group B as they belong to the top 3 teams in Denmark, which is saying a lot since danish teams usually play at a high level. For the most part spanish teams are not performing at a top notch level, so it's expected that the Pioners should be a beatable team for the Cons.

The Cowboys are known from previous tournaments and shouldn't be the Constables' hardest challenge. Nevertheless they have talented guys on their roster and are regulars at the Champions Bowl; however the competition in Ireland is not that great. Looking at the Cons 2016 participation in Copenhagen, they have beaten both the 65ers and the Wanderers in the knock-out phase after losing to the 65ers in the group games due to a very bad performance. Sure enough two and a half years are a lot of time to change a team, as the Constables themselves are a good example. They have developed and became a better team. This might be the case for the mentioned teams as well, so you can’t take anything for granted and have to be focused in every game against every opponent.

The primary goal for the Cons is reaching a top placement in the group in order to have a good matchup in the knock-out phase starting with the quarterfinals and then taking it game by game. Two of the Champions Bowl big favorites to win it all are Sphinx De Pau (FRA) and SDG (DEN) from Group A. The Constables will defintely need to bring their A-Game to be successful. That said irrespective of the results on the pitch, the Champions Bowl will be a tremendous experience for every participant and opportunity for transfering lessons learned into the next season to come back even stronger.

The Constables travel to Spain on Thursday to start Friday morning with the group games. Scores will be posted via our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Champions Bowl IX

Fr, 12.10.2018:
10:10 - Vienna Constables vs. Herlev Rebels
12:30 - Vienna Constables vs. Craigavon Cowboys
17:10 - Vienna Constables vs. Arona 65ers

Sa, 13.10.2018
13:40 - Vienna Constables vs. Pioners L'Hospitalet
14:50 - Vienna Constables vs. Walldorf Wanderers

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